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7 Oct

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drama drama drama

6 Oct

Why is it that people thrive off of drama? Are we really that discontent with our own lives that we have to interfere with others and try to belittle them?

People say that The Hills is so fake and high school – but it’s actually not! If I recorded the people around me, I could easily create my own version of the show.

What I don’t understand, is why we turn things into a bigger deal than what they actually are. TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY! Every day is a fresh start, so if something bad happens today, look forwards to doesn’t have to continue for weeks or months. If somebody annoys or says something about you.. so what? Unless it’s going to have a massive impact on your entire life, who really cares.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m the perfect person who never gets angry over small things, or offended when people are rude to me.. I’m simply having an epiphany. Which I thought I would share with you, so that hopefully after reading this you can relax a little and enjoy the positive aspects of life, rather than focus on the negative – even if it’s just for today! 🙂

Here are some things that I find amusing or fun, to take your mind off of life for a few minutes 🙂 :

instead of new, try old.

5 Oct

you know the group of close friends you have, usually consisting of people you have known for a very long time? and you usually don’t let go of them because they are the core of your life..
well, what if you compared this idea to your closet?
so, in fact, the clothes you bought years ago, don’t wear but can’t seem to throw away should come back into your life, and maybe play the main role.
this would probably only be possible if you didn’t buy anything for a whole year.
but what do you think would happen?
not being able to spice up your outfit with new heels or accessories, but instead swapping with friends or pulling some oldies out of the closet, way to be different!
i, personally, think i would become a lot more creative and quirky..

let me know!

love forever, love is free.

beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

5 Oct

I came across this picture and I think it’s the perfect illustration of “art-within-art” inspiration. Inspiration doesn’t need to be massively complex or appealing to the eye, it’s all about what you think is beautiful and what inspires you as an individual. This picture inspired me, just a couple of words scribbled on the page of a notebook. It’s all about individual preference and exploring your own taste. Get to know yourself. Sometimes it’s a lot more valuable than getting to know someone else.

“Look at beautiful things.”

This picture also made me think about what I consider to be beautiful, and how it may not seem beautiful to someone else.

That is the beauty of it all.

I find it amazing that we all interpret beauty in our own ways, and that there is no concrete, universal definition of what can be considered beautiful.

Here are two pictures that I consider to be beautiful in different ways. It’s not always about being pretty.

Try and see the beauty in everything, even if it doesn’t hit you straight away.

How do you define beauty?

You don’t have to live forever, you just have to live…



More Office Art..?

5 Oct

A few weeks ago I did a post about office supply artwork, using the wonderful invention that is Post-It Notes! The art that was created was actually really cool considering Post-Its are only square pieces of multi-coloured paper. This week I have found another form of office supply art using:


When I first saw the heading of the article, I must admit I was ever so slightly sceptical. But after looking at some examples, I had to acknowledge the fact that Staple Art is actually incredible!

The detail is absolutely unbelievable taking into account the fact that the method of design is.. Staples! This one is even better:

Pretty amazing stuff, wouldn’t you agree?

Love Differences

5 Oct

The principle of creativity and art – in several languages – in downtown Paris

you’re ever-evolving.

4 Oct

keep your head up, and surprise and love yourself.

love forever, love is free.